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TikTok Live Shopping Hosts

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Florida, United States

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Required Skill:

Acting, Digital Marketing, Acting Techniques


We are looking for broadcasters/content creators on TikTok live shopping for wigs.

You will have creative input, flexible hours, and freedom.

Schedule: Minimum 6 hours per week, 1 hour per live

Location: Remote

Key Responsibilities:

  • Promote products and brands - inspire, inform, and entertain viewers to make purchases during the live-streaming video.
  • Use live-stream product demonstrations, educate audiences on product features, benefits, and special offers, and help the audience make informed purchase decisions.
  • Connect and engage with the audience in real-time to cultivate a loyal fan base.
  • Plan and strategize - deep understanding of product knowledge before live-streaming to present products accurately and persuasively.
  • Use call to action and restate key messages to highlight key product features and selling points to accelerate conversion.
  • Catch the audience's attention with high-energy, personality-driven videos that highlight products through the power of storytelling.


  • Enthusiastic, charismatic, friendly, and reliable
  • Excellent time management skill
  • Positive and adaptable - a solution-oriented mindset for continuous improvement
  • Excellent public speaking and communication skills
  • Enjoy the spotlight and thrive on camera Previous experience in sales, retails
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Slan Media
California United States

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