Project Casting
Georgia, United States
Posted 2 months ago

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Short film is casting parts. Production starts March 12-15, 2021. Paying gig. Casting Breakdown(s):

•  Phil, AGE: 40 – 50 --- Ex Military, honorable discharge, Physically Strong African American man
After receiving a purple heart from the military, Phil returned home to his wife and child, only to find that she had moved on without him and refused to let him see his child. Losing his family led him to leave a broken life of living on the street. He lived his life in a tent stationed outside the neighborhood gas station. But never bitter, never angry, and always helpful.

•  Officer Nieman, AGE: 50 – 65 --- Caucasian seasoned cop who is cool with the neighborhood
The Officer is laid back and relaxed and knows all of the ends and outs of the neighborhood. He is on his first run with a rookie (Officer Grant) who is a little more judgmental and trigger happy.

•  Giselle, AGE: 18 – 28 --- Sassy, ghetto fabulous, smart mouth, Sexy young African American Woman
A party girl who has a crush on Black and becomes extremely flirtatious when he comes around. She and her best friend Amber just want to have fun.

•  Officer Grant, AGE: 20 – 35 --- Know it all, Clean Cut, pretentious African American Man
Officer Grant is new to the force but is ready for the worse because that's all he expects when patrolling in a poor/ black neighborhood. He is judgmental and has no problem looking down his nose at anyone.