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New Mexico, United States
Posted 19 days ago

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SAG-AFTRA Short Film
Seeking lead actors for a SAG-AFTRA short film

OAKLYNN: Female, Native American, 18-21, smaller frame. Feisty, strong, and can hold her own in a fight. Though tough on the outside, Oaklynn has a sensitive spot for the ones she loves. NOTE: Role will require learning/speaking some of the Zuni language; may require stunt/MMA training; no nudity, but there will be a romantic scene with kissing, and you may need to be comfortable in just jeans + a sports bra.

YOUNG OAKLYNN: Female, Native American, 6-10, smaller frame. A young girl caught in the terrors of domestic violence. While she won’t actually witness anything too frightening, she  must be able to portray first fear, and then pure anger.

GRANDPA LEE: Male, Native American, 40-60, athletic build. Super cool and youthful for a grandpa. Strong, funny, patient, and calm, Grandpa Lee is a caring man who demands the best from his beloved granddaughter. He is protective, but trusts Oaklynn to fight her own battles. NOTE: Role will require some learning/speaking of the Zuni language.

LEVI: Male, African American, 18-21, slim build. A geek with a heart of gold, Levi is Oaklynn’s boyfriend. Levi would love to be a superhero, but is content to play sidekick to the (totally kick- butt) girl he loves. NOTE: Role will require actor to be shirtless for a romantic scene.

MACKEY: Male, Latino/mixed race, 18-21, any build. Mackey is a ruthless school bully. He takes his anger out on kids he think will be easy to pick on, but is faced with more than he bargained for when he chooses Oaklynn as a target.
New Mexico residents/actors local to New Mexico only, please!.

All COVID safety protocols are in place.
RATE: $250-$1000 total depending on role
TYPE: SAG-AFTRA Short Film (NON-UNION may also submit)
SHOOT DATES: Tentatively 4 days in July, August, or September 2021 (pending pandemic) SHOOT LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM; plus 1/2-1 day in To’Hajiilee