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Acting, Voiceover

Casting Call: Voice Actor for Indie Animatic Shorts

Location: New York

Compensation: $2 per line

Job Details:

We are seeking talented voice actors for multiple indie animatic shorts set in a vibrant and dynamic universe. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute your voice to compelling characters and be part of an exciting creative project.


  • Bring the assigned character to life through voice acting.
  • Embody the character's personality, emotions, and nuances as described in the character brief.
  • Collaborate with the production team to deliver high-quality voice recordings.

Character Descriptions:

  1. Yu:

    • Role: Third Prince of the Blossom Empire
    • Age: Mid-20s
    • Role Description: The third oldest prince, responsible for law enforcement. Overworked, under-appreciated, and expecting his first child, Yu grapples with daily stress and exhaustion. He places duty and approval above personal desires, prioritizing his family's needs.
    • Personality: Serious, exasperated, tsundere
  2. Mai:

    • Role: Peppy Teenage Girl from a Wealthy Family
    • Age: Teenager
    • Role Description: Mai's infectious cheerfulness brings out the best in people, drawing them to her positive energy. While she can be a bit mischievous among friends, she possesses strong emotional intelligence and diplomatic skills.
    • Personality: Hyper, extroverted, childish


  • Previous experience in voice acting or a demonstrable talent for character portrayal.
  • Ability to effectively convey emotions and nuances through voice.
  • Availability for recording sessions in New York (remote options may be considered).
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
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