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North Carolina, United States
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Acting, Singing

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Owen is a 3 year old boy, Who enjoys doing tasks with Anisha and laughing.
"Jonah & The Crew" is about a boy named Jonah & his sister Lily,
Who gets a Baby brother & Baby sister who both have gems called Crystali, Crystali gives them magic elemental powers Owen O'wi Jones (Baby Brother) has fire power &
Anisha O'li Jones (Baby Sister) has ice powers.
Although they try to keep there powers at bay, they still need a Co-Sensei they find no one better than their brother Jonah to take on this role, but that requires Jonah to have a Crystali, The Babies go on a mission from their Sensei. They find a purple Crystali with all elemental powers this happens to be the power of the Sensei.
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Sushi Cartoons
North Carolina United States

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