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California, United States
Posted about 2 months ago

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Acting, Improvisation

Job Description

Spring 2021 Cybercrime Stories
Real Stories. Real People.

Have you been a victim of identity theft, personal computer/phone hacking?
Are you a current LifeLockTM and NortonTM member?
We want to hear your story!

Here are some types of stories we’re interested in hearing about, without any mention of personal data.

We’re featuring and exploring the chain of events, and NOT any specific personal financial information.

*Identity Theft Stories and/or device breaches with incident having been repaired.

 -Fraudulent credit accounts opened using their personal information.
 -Fraudulent loans taken out using their personal information.
 -Fraudulent purchases—car, rental properties, etc.
 -Medical Identity fraud—personal information was used to obtain medical treatment/procedures.
 -Ransomware on device and/or device takeover.

**Multiple Lifestyle Stories for digital presence with activities and devices: Regular use of smart phones,
laptop and/or desktop computers, tablets.

***Activity Stories: Shop online, email, web browsing, stream entertainment, gaming, social media, online
learning or meetings, etc.

Stories must be truthful and you may even be chosen to appear in a new TV Commercial!

Compensation will be offered and more details provided, as we move through the casting process.

Current LifeLockTM an d NortonTM members are also welcome.
No acting experience required on this non-union production.