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All States, Australia
Posted 4 months ago

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TV & Video

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Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian

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Job Description

MALE - who can believably play 21 - 27 years old
Please note for this role we are open to seeing people with cultural and ethnic backgrounds including (but not limited to): Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Tongan, Samoan, Vietnamese & Middle Eastern. This character comes from Western Sydney and we would love to focus on targeting individuals from any cultural backgrounds specific to that region. 
MOEY is the classic eldest son. Growing up in a tough neighbourhood, he worked hard through school, landed perfect grades and a ripper ATAR and he’s already finishing his medical degree. He has started as a Medical Intern at Westmead Hospital and works all hours to build himself a great career, make his parents proud and add to the family shop income. All while helping raise his younger brother Amir while his parents return often to their land of birth to look after extended family business. It turns out that Moey is on the front lines of the contagion that sweeps their Western Sydney suburb. He shares his first hand accounts from the frontlines over TikTok - and although he’s trying to get Amir to stay out of it, once Amir is ensconced at the heart of the danger and helping Priya save her dad, Moey will be there to do whatever it takes to help them solve this from the medical point of view - and save the lives of those who are injured.
We are looking for ethnically diverse young males aged between 15-27 to play supporting roles in a proof of concept for an exciting news series for TikTok.

The characters are from Western Sydney, and we are looking to cast individuals from various cultural backgrounds specific to the area. These include (but are not limited to): Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Tongan, Samoan, Vietnamese, Arabian, etc.