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Casting Call: "Love With An Accent" Feature Film

Job Details: "Love With An Accent" is a heartwarming musical comedy feature film set in New York City. The story follows the lives of a diverse group of individuals who come together through an accent class, leading to unexpected relationships and love stories that transcend cultural boundaries. We seek talented actors to fill this exciting project's various lead, supporting, and featured roles.

Job Responsibilities: As a cast member of "Love With An Accent," you will be responsible for bringing your character to life and contributing to the film's overall success. Your duties may include:

  1. Character Development: Embodying your character's personality, motivations, and emotions convincingly.
  2. Rehearsals: Collaborating with the director and fellow cast members to refine scenes and performances during rehearsals.
  3. Performance: Delivering authentic and captivating performances on set during filming.
  4. Commitment: Being available for the scheduled shoot dates, including possible travel if required.
  5. Adaptability: Adjusting your performance based on directorial feedback and evolving character arcs.

Requirements: We are looking for talented and dedicated individuals who embody their respective characters' essence. Specific requirements for each role include:

  • Divya (Lead): South Asian, 20s-30s, with Bollywood/Ballroom dancing skills.
  • Alina (Lead): Caucasian or ethnically ambiguous, 20s-30s, Eastern European immigrant, with Bollywood/Ballroom dancing skills.
  • Nathan (Lead): Caucasian, 20s-30s, tall, sophisticated lawyer.
  • Levi (Lead): African-American, 20s-30s, medical professional, caring and compassionate.
  • Classmate #1 (Tanya): Eastern European heritage and accent, 20s-30s, easy-going and beautiful.
  • Classmate #2 (Stephan): British, 20s-40s, well-spoken, obsessed with Bollywood movies.
  • Classmate #3 (Sarika): South Asian, 20s-30s, confident with acting and Bollywood dancing.
  • Classmate #4 (Roger): Hispanic, 20s-30s, proud of his heritage, funny.
  • Classmate #7 (Charlie): From Kenya, 20s-30s, cultured and personable.
  • Romeo Giovanni/Stage Manager: 50s-60s, sophisticated fashion designer.
  • Igor: Eastern European, 20s-30s, comically blundering.
  • Dmitri: Eastern European, 20s-30s, tall and thin, also comically blundering.
  • Prem’s Sister (Sakshi Sinha): South Asian, 20s-30s, vibrant personality with Bollywood dancing skills.
  • Prem’s Mother (Mrs. Chandani Sinha): South Asian, 50s-60s, English, Hindi, and Punjabi-speaking, affectionate.
  • Prem’s Father (Mrs. Roshan Sinha): South Asian, 50s-60s, English, Hindi, and Punjabi-speaking, strict yet caring.
  • Alina’s Father: Eastern European, 50s-60s, Orthodox priest, supports Alina.
  • Divya’s Mother (Mrs. Kajal Kapoor): South Asian, 50s-60s, English, Hindi, and Punjabi-speaking, loving and romantic.

Compensation: All roles are paid, and payment will be discussed individually based on experience and significance. Travel expenses, if applicable, will also be covered.

Important Note: All roles will remain open for submission unless marked as "Filled." We welcome actors from diverse backgrounds to audition for the characters that resonate with them.

Shooting Schedule: The film shoot is scheduled to start in September.

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