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New Mexico, United States
Posted 2 months ago

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Indigenous Peoples

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Job Description

This is a proof of concept sizzle (2 day shoot/short) for a Feature Film titled "Superstition"   Writer/Director: Nicol Eilers, DP Austin Green,  Producer: Celia Xavier 

Covid Compliance Officer on set at all times.  

RATE: $250 / day
TYPE: Non-Union Short Film 
SHOOT DATES: Tentatively 2 days end of March 29 & 30, 2021 
All COVID safety protocols are in place.   

LENNA GREEN (16) Native. “The Outsider” Black and white hair with bangs. A punk rock drummer. A rebel with a cause. Lenna doesn’t identify with being Native. Lenna is gay but not "out" and fears that Enola (her mother) will find out and reject her. She’s the cool girl at school who speaks her mind that others are afraid of. She un-nerves people with her sarcastic quips and her rebellious nature. No one really understands Lenna because she won’t let them in. She has a secret. She has the ability to see the future; sometimes it comes in dreams and other times, it pops inside her head as an afterthought. She’s always suppressed it because she’s afraid of the power. Her
outside image is her armor. It’s just another layer that prevents you from getting to know the real her.