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Casting "God's Gift," a Chapman MFA thesis. 

Willow (29) is a conscientious, diligent plantswoman and marijuana grower. Her careful and methodical approach has gained recognition throughout the world of legal and illegal growing and selling. Fresh out of a botched engagement, Willow plans to move on with her life and business until she realizes that her ex-fiancé, Sean (29) is spying on her via Cassidy (21), a long-time client along the illegal route, and doesn’t plan on leaving the business as easy as she hoped. Never the one to go down without a fight, Willow lures Cassidy in and convinces her to be a pawn in her plot to get rid of Sean for once and for all.

Shoots 4/2-4/11 in the LA area. Please submit LA local only.


Willow, 25 to 35 years old, Black female. A quiet, intuitive young woman who uses her green thumb to grow and sell marijuana. Former business partner and ex-fiancé to Sean, uses Cassidy to do her dirty work. Her cold demeanor is a result of her dysfunctional relationship, but she’s not the victim that she appears to be.

Cassidy, 18 to 25 years old, Black female. Sweet, sensitive, quick on her feet drug dealer who gets caught between Willow & Sean’s mess. Masculine and dominant, yet naive in the most unsuspecting of ways.

Sean, 25 to 35 years old, Black, East Asian, Mixed Ethnicity, Southeast Asian male. Willow’s ex-fiancé, hell bent on making sure his ex continues to share the weed business with him. Abusive, but aloof and not the kingpin that he sees himself as.

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