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TV & Video

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Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian

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FEMALE - who can believably play 25 - 60 years old
Please note for this role we are open to seeing people with cultural and ethnic backgrounds including (but not limited to): Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Tongan, Samoan, Vietnamese & Arabian. This character comes from Western Sydney and we would love to focus on targeting individuals from any cultural backgrounds specific to that region. 
SOROOR is an immigration lawyer who has chosen to work in the under-resourced pro-bono sector because she cares deeply about helping people in need, providing legal support to those who otherwise would be left stranded in an expensive, language-dependent, paperwork-heavy bureaucratic system. She has to work within the rules though but she’ll do her best with the resources available to her. She’s exhausted - there’s always more clients who need her help than she has time for. The appointments are always too short and it’s hard to get the positive outcomes that her asylum seeker clients desperately need. She lives in the area she works in - and people who could be her clients are as likely to be her friends. She chose this job after witnessing the struggle of her extended family from overseas, who tried to settle in Australia when she was a teenager. She is a part-time lecturer at the University of Western Sydney because she wants to share what she learns with a younger generation who can continue this important and political work and be part of the fight against the government’s often racist immigration policies.
We are looking for ethnically diverse young males aged between 15-27 to play supporting roles in a proof of concept for an exciting news series for TikTok.

The characters are from Western Sydney, and we are looking to cast individuals from various cultural backgrounds specific to the area. These include (but are not limited to): Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Tongan, Samoan, Vietnamese, Arabian, etc.
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