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Casting Call: Featured Background Talent for New Feature Film


  1. Petite Woman

    • Description: We are looking for a female background actor to play a petite woman in our upcoming feature film. The ideal candidate should have a slim body type and have a very beautiful aesthetic.
    • Age: Appears 25-30
    • Ethnicity: Any
    • Responsibilities: Must be able to follow directions promptly, work well under the camera, and interact with the main cast as directed by the production team.
    • Requirements: Acting experience preferred but not mandatory. Must be comfortable with long shoot hours and able to provide own wardrobe if required.
  2. Perky Photo Shoot Assistant

    • Description: Seeking a male background actor to take on the role of an assistant during photo shoots within the film. Candidates should have a bubbly and perky personality.
    • Age: Appears 20-25
    • Ethnicity: Any
    • Responsibilities: Assisting lead photographers, organizing photo shoot equipment, and providing general support on set.
    • Requirements: Good communication skills, a proactive work ethic, and a positive attitude. Previous experience in photo shoots or as an assistant is a plus.
  3. Fit Photo Shoot Assistant

    • Description: Casting a male background actor to portray a fit and stylish photo shoot assistant.
    • Age: Appears 30-35
    • Ethnicity: Any
    • Responsibilities: Supporting the photo shoot team, handling equipment, and coordinating with other departments to ensure a smooth process.
    • Requirements: Must have a muscular and well-groomed appearance with a sense of style. Previous experience in a similar role is desirable.

Compensation: $160 for 12 hours of work. Payment will be made via check through the payroll company within 2-4 weeks.

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