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Tennessee, United States

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TV & Video

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Mexican Cartel Man/Meth Cook- hispanic male, 20’s-30’s.  1 scene.  He’s cutting lines to prep a drug deal.  $100/day. Needed Wednesday
FBI agent extra- 1 scene.  Physically fit male or female.  $50. Needed Friday

4 Female Rock n’ Roll Chicks-  Rocker chicks.  Must be comfortable with beer, cigs and drugs.  Anyone, 1 scene.  $75/day. Needed Thursday

3 Biker Extras- no motorcycles needed, just wardrobe and the biker look.  1 scene,  $75/day. Needed Thursday

3  Elks Lodge Extras- Older men, 50’s+. Drinking, smoking, laughing, spinning guns on the table and partying.  1 scene.  $50/day. Needed Thursday

Officer types/bad cops- physically fit men/women, 20’s-40’s.  1 scene.  $50.  Wardrobe provided.  Needed Thursday

Drug dealer- white male.   1 scene.  $50/day. Needed Friday
A new Investigation-Discovery TV series is now casting and filming in Knoxville, Tennessee.
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