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This promotion is affectionately called 'The Tramples March' in central London. It'll be on Saturday 20th November at roughly 11:00am (final time to be confirmed closer to date). We'll be starting at Green Park Station before going to Parliament Square and onto Leicester Square before hitting the final stretch around Piccadilly Circus. 

Here's what to expect:
-- On the 20th November, I'll be walking around central London dressed as an evil dictator horse telling everyone this horse has taken over the city (see photo and route below)
-- I'm looking for actors to play my bodyguards. i.e. actors like your good selves dressed as FBI AGENTS. These bodyguards will be acting as the horse's phalanx of protection.
-- The bodyguards dress-code is 'black suit', 'white shirt', 'black tie' and (most importantly) 'black sunglasses'.
-- The dress code is not 100% strict, but the general theme is "the kind of person you see defending the U.S. President"

Feel free to message if you'd be interested and I can add your name to the list of actors on that day.


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