Project Casting
Ohio, United States
Posted about 2 months ago

Production Type:


Job Type:


Required Skill:

Acting, Dancing

Job Description

Angelaboehmcasting is seeking dancers of varying abilities for an upcoming feature film shooting in Northeast Ohio! Exciting opportunity to work with New York choreographer David Neumann.

Looking for: 
--Tier One "Dancers": Trained dancers, very familiar with dance terminology, can quickly learn and execute choreography with precision. 
--Tier Two "Movers": Good rhythm, able to learn and perform more basic choreography 
--Can submit for whichever you're comfortable with- may submit for both. 
--All ages (including minors), genders, ethnicities, body types, and skill levels will be considered. 
--*Please note: this will be a video submission, NOT a photo submission.
Especially looking for REAL families with multiple members who are either dancers or movers. (Dads, this means you too! Even if you are just moving your hips!)
ALL DANCERS AND MOVERS MUST BE PREPARED TO BE TESTED FOR COVID19. All testing will be paid for by production.

Shoot Dates: 
--Film is shooting Mid June to late October. 
--Must have flexible schedule as exact dates are TBD. All dancers and movers will have varying time commitments- with multiple rehearsal days and shooting days. 
--When submitting, please include any conflicts for this time period (June-October).

Northeast Ohio
Pay Rates: 
Tier One: Dancer pay scale- exact rate will depend on how you are cast 
--Rehearsal rate: $607/day 
--If 9+ people dancing: $788/day 
--If 3-8 people dancing: $902/day 
--Solo/Duo dancing: $1030/day 
Tier Two: $10/hr, with $150 bump for rehearsal days and $250 bump for shooting days

Dance audition instructions: 
--Below are 5 prompts to be included in submission tapes. You are welcome to perform whatever comes to you within these prompts. Please indicate if you have any injuries or restrictions and, if so, adapt these prompts as needed. 
--While recording, please have the person filming you read the prompts aloud and then perform each one.
1. Perform first 8 counts of a line dance
2. Collapse to the floor in slow motion
3. Using an imagined sign language (perhaps for an alien species), use your entire body to say: “Hello! My name is __________________, can you show me where I can get something to eat?”
4. Pantomime starting a gas lawn mower (pulling the cord, getting behind the handle, pushing the mower, etc.), mowing 3 or 4 feet of lawn and then retrograde, or reverse, what you just did. (Try to be precise!)
5. To the music that’s provided (or the selection you brought), please dance like you are in the center of a dance circle at a wedding party and you are the life of the party. You are welcome to show any special skills/abilities.

Please use the following song: 
Parliament Funkadelic’s ‘Flashlight
--Lighting, audio and backdrop are crucial. Many auditions aren’t sent to the director due to production quality. 
--At the END of the audition: Slate your name, and agent if you have one. Also state if you are a local hire. 
For families submitting together: 
--Please include one take with the whole family together completing the prompts; AND a take of each individual family member completing the prompts on their own. 
--Each family member should state their name at the end of their individual take so that we know who is who!

Notes for minors: 
--Minors may be submitted as either dancers or movers. 
--Minors may be submitted individually or as part of a family- but production has a strong preference for whole families. 
--Parent or guardian must be present with minor on set for both rehearsals and filming days. 
--Must be prepared to take a COVID test- paid for by production.