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If you love Saweetie, you know she is a prolific home chef known for her crazy recipes. From Ranch on spaghetti to raw oysters with BBQ sauce, she has no interest in making traditional fare you see on a menu. RELEASED is looking for Saweetie fans to present their own strange food combos to Saweetie herself! HOW IT WORKS: Send us a video of a weird food combo you prepared. Saweetie will watch your video, and rate your recipe on creativity, presentation, and whether or not she’d actually take a bite! Don’t worry if you don’t think try it herself - this is all just for fun!


  • Keep your recipe simple. (Like pickles on PB&J, or fried chicken on an ice cream sundae.)
  • You may want to have a friend film you, or prop up your phone so you can use both of your hands to prep!
  • Start by saying your name, where you live, and what you are going to make. “Hi Saweetie, this is Stacey from Washington DC. My weird-but-delicious recipe that I think you should try is adding pickles to a classic PB&J sandwich.”
  • Film yourself preparing your food.
  • Get a shot of the finished product.
  • Take a bite! Let Saweetie know why it’s delicious and why she should try it.
DEADLINE: April 27th, 2021 @ 11:59 PST