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Georgia, United States
Posted 4 months ago

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TV & Video

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This is a small group of recurring extras for Creepshow -- we are looking for men and women - business types to portray Congressional staff  -- options of nice business attire -- a very small group -- should be a fun one -- would work 3 days 1/14 and then 1/18 and 1/19 in the Atlanta Metro
A compendium of five short but terrifying tales contained within a single full-length feature, this film conjures scares from traditional bogeymen and portents of doom. In one story, a monster escapes from its holding cell. Another focuses on a husband (Leslie Nielsen) with a creative way of getting back at his cheating wife. Other stories concern a rural man (Stephen King) and a visitor from outer space, and a homeowner (E.G. Marshall) with huge bug problems and a boozing corpse.