New York, United States

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TV & Video

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Required Skill:

Acting, Modeling

Casting Call for Fashion Campaign (Footwear Brand)

Project Overview:
We are excited to announce a casting call for a vibrant fashion campaign by a renowned footwear brand. This campaign aims to showcase diverse talents and personalities wearing our footwear across a series of dynamic scenes. Directed by the acclaimed Steve Brahms and managed by Golden Projects, this campaign will be casting real talents who embody the spirit of their craft.

Roles Available:

  1. Real Tai Chi Practitioners (40s-80s, Women, Asian): Seeking women who are genuine practitioners of Tai Chi, showcasing grace and mastery in movement.

  2. Real Dancers 50s Plus (50s-80s, Women, All Ethnicities): Looking for experienced dancers with vibrant personalities, who are comfortable performing in front of the camera.

  3. Real Female Skateboarders (20s, Women, All Ethnicities): Seeking cool, authentic female skateboarders with excellent skating skills.

  4. Real Male Skateboarders (20s, Men, All Ethnicities): Looking for male skateboarders who are cool, authentic, and have excellent skating skills.

  5. NYC Characters (All ages, genders, and ethnicities): Seeking unique New York City characters with great personalities and an ability to move and dance.

  6. Real Female Basketball Players (20s, Women, All Ethnicities): Looking for female basketball players with strong athletic skills and a cool, authentic vibe.

  7. Real Dancers 20s-40s (20s-40s, Women, All Ethnicities): Seeking dancers with great presence and personality, comfortable with movement in front of the camera.

  8. Real Showtime Subway NYC Performers (Late teens to 20s, All Genders and Ethnicities): Looking for authentic Showtime subway performers with high energy and outgoing personality.

  9. Real Biker Who Can Wheelie (All ages, genders, and ethnicities): Seeking bikers who can perform a wheelie, displaying great presence and energy.

  10. Real Acrobatic Dancers (All ages, genders, and ethnicities): Looking for acrobatic dancers who are cool, authentic, and comfortable with dynamic movement.


  • Perform and showcase movement while wearing the brand's footwear.
  • Participate in photo and video shoots as scheduled.
  • Collaborate with directors, photographers, and other campaign staff to fulfill creative vision.


  • MUST be a real practitioner of the skill as specified for each role.
  • Available to shoot in NYC on the specified dates.
  • Comfortable with performing in a professional shooting environment.
  • Able to attend a fitting session prior to the shoot.

Compensation: $800/day session fee + 20% agency fee (if applicable), $1000/day buyout + 20% agency fee (if applicable)

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