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STORY LINE: Jack is an I/T programmer, a great guy, unlucky in love. Jill is a graphic designer, a great gal, and just as unlucky. They have no idea they are destined to be together. On a starry night, Jack and Jill separately meet a gypsy lady who tells them they will meet the love of their life before midnight at the end of the year, which happens to be only five days away. The countdown begins, and both Jack and Jill go on a series of horrible and hilarious dates, each worse than the next. Each time, they barely miss meeting each other. New Years Eve is getting closer. Will the gypsy’s prophecy come true? Will they meet and fall in love?

Note: All of the dancing in this film is West Coast Swing, a smooth, slinky version of Swing that’s danced to R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Country. The movie will be choreographed by one of the world champions in the field.

** These are paid roles. SAG low budget (TBT). Sag & Non-Union may apply. Filming in Rochester, NY. May 2021.
** COVID guidelines will be enforced

** PLEASE, only submit once! Be ready to upload a head shot, full body shot and audition tape.
** Photos and video MUST be labeled CHARACTER NAME- YOUR NAME - DANCE
(not anything else except .jpg or .mp4 or similar. Do not keep the long list of numbers in your media name).
** You MUST be over 18 to submit. Please only submit to role you fit!
** Background will be cast at a later date.


Audition DROPBOX Links Below for each character.
The Lead roles are being cast with "Named Actors" They are given for story reference only.

[JILL] Age 25-40. STAR NAMES ONLY. Jill is a positive thinker, a dreamer, and wants to find the love of her life. She falls into believing the gypsy ladie’s prediction she’ll find her love in 5 days because she wants to believe it. Her best friends Patrick and Amy are much more cynical, and they love Jill’s optimism. She goes on a series of the worst dates ever, trying not to settle, unknowingly getting closer to the love of her life...LEAD (1) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

[JACK] Age 28-40. STAR NAMES ONLY. Jack’s a genuine good guy, divorced, single, and also looking for love. Not only does he believe the gypsy lady, he takes one of the cats she offers him, and makes it his pet. When he goes on a series of horrible dates, he’s in danger of giving up on finding his soulmate...LEAD (5) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

[DAVID] Age 25-40. STAR NAMES ONLY. He’s Jack’s best friend (they went to college together), and confidant. He’s much more edgy in life than Jack, and he’s already found his soulmate, Samantha. He and her are both sex-obsessed, constantly looking for partners to bring into the bedroom. He’s a loyal friend and happy to help Jack’s love life...LEAD (7) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[PATRICK] Age 30-40. STAR NAMES ONLY. Patrick is Jill’s GBF (gay best friend), and loves her to death. He feels she might be a little too naïve about how love works, considering he’s cynical and long done with searching for a soulmate. He’s protective of Jill, and wants to help her dreams come true. LEAD (1) DANCE EXPERIENCE IS A PLUS.

[AMY] 30-40. She’s self-involved, cynical, and way past trying to find the perfect guy. She speaks bluntly and definitely wears the pants in any relationship. She knows she’s settling by choosing Ron. He’s not that bright, but she knows he’ll be good to her, and she accepts that she’s basically into him for his ridiculously good looks. She loves Jill, and really adores the fact that Jill is a dreamer, which is why she picks Jill to be her Maid of Honor. CAST

Above roles for reference to story only -- Casting with Named Actors

[RON] 30-40. An Adonis, built like a Greek God, but even more handsome. The nicest guy, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, he’s dumb as a stump. He loves his fiancee Amy (Jill’s best friend), and will always treat her well, so Amy accepts his lack of common sense...LEAD (25)

[SAMANTHA] 25-35. She is David’s girlfriend, outgoing, fun, and mischievous. She’s happy to help Jack try to find a girlfriend, but sometimes ends up taking the girlfriend herself. David and her are perfect for each other, same likes, dislikes, sense of humor. She also emcees a dance night at dance club...LEAD (2) DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

[NANA] 70-80. She’s the been-there, done-that Grandmother, who’s lived a tough life. She has no control over the volume of her voice, and, also, will say whatever comes to her mind, as she does often. When Ryanne tries to attack Jack, Nana reveals she carries a small handgun in her purse...SUPPORTING LEAD (58)

[RYANNE] 20-23. Young and energetic, she meets Jack and hits it off with him right away. She agrees to accompany Jack to the wedding on a whim. Jack’s excited, but there’s a hint that Ryanne has a dark side when she confesses to stabbing her last boyfriend...SUPPORTING LEAD (65)

[BEN] 50-60. This is Ron’s Dad. A widower. He’s much sharper than Ron, but they are equal in the looks department. In fact, though Ron is 60+ years old, he looks like he could be mid-40s. He and Ron apparently have “special genes” where they don’t age at all. All the older women at the wedding, not to mention Patrick, are bamboozled by this guy...SUPPORTING LEAD (55) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[CARTER] 30-45. He’s a former reality show star who thinks his fan base is a lot bigger than it actually is. Completely full of himself, his latest mission is to get on the new reality star rehab show, and though he doesn’t have a drug problem, he’s working on it. He’s extremely self-conscious about his looks and weight (he considers himself fat though he’s in great shape), and his appearance means everything to him...SUPPORTING LEAD (17). SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[HILLARY] In her 30s, she’s a workout-obsessed woman, who likes to be the dominant one in the relationship. When she meets Jack for a blind date, she outdrinks him 2 to 1, and tries to take the lead on the dance floor. When Jack challenges her, she asks if he wants to “take things to the next level” which Jack thinks is being flirty. Little does he know they are going to be challenging each other on the squat rack...SUPPORTING LEAD (19). SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[LINDA] Amy’s Mom, also a windower. She loves Amy, and loves Ron, even though, just like everyone else, she knows he has failings in the brain department. She knows, however, Ron will always be good to Amy. She’s been beat down by love through the years, but still holds on to the sentiment that true love exists...SUPPORTING LEAD (55). SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[GYPSY LADY] 60-70. She approaches both Jack and Jill on the street and tells them they will meet the love of their lives in 5 days, then offers them a cat. Jack takes the cat. Later we find out she is known by all to walk around telling everyone the same fortune...SUPPORTING LEAD (9) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[VANESSA] 40s. She’s beautiful and intense… too intense. She has crazy eyes, and they’re not for no reason. After meeting Jack and agreeing to go on a date, she tells him she wants to cut him open and live inside him, which of course sends Jack running for the hills...SUPPORTING LEAD (33) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[TODD] 20s. He works with Jill and, after meeting her at the company picnic, decides to go on a date with her. He’s young enough to hate the taste of alcohol and prefers fruity drinks, and manages to insult and offend Jill within 5 minutes of hanging with her...SUPPORTING LEAD (33) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. DANCE EXPERIENCE IS A PLUS.

[CONOR] A friendly guy Patrick and Jill meet at the company picnic. Initially Patrick and Jill hope to make a love connection. But when Conor admits he’s there with his wife, Patrick drags Jill away....2 speeches, 1 scene (32) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[STUD] 35-35, A muscle-bound guy who makes a move on Jill after he sees her on the dance floor. (1)

[DRUNKY] 20s. She’s had way too much to drink at the bar and approaches Jack to have him catch her in a dance move dive off the bar. It doesn’t go well. (39) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[CLERK] Older guy, Armenian, grumpy all the time. He’s firmly digusted when he thinks Jack and Patrick and dating each other. (71)

[MARK] He’s a college professor who teaches chemistry. He’s arrogant and judges people. And he reacts sharply when Jill brings up Breaking Bad. (47) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[POTENTIAL DATE #1] When Jack’s on a Speed Dating circuit, she’s happy to confess that she has a multitude of mental disorders. (48) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[POTENTIAL DATE #2] Another speed dating connection. This woman is obsessed with sex parties, and tries to make a deal with Jack. (50) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[POTENTIAL DATE #3] This speed dating connection is still not over her ex boyfriend’s brother. (51) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[POTENTIAL DATE #4] The final speed dating connection seems to hit it off with Jack, until Jack gets an untimely text from David. (52) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PRIEST] He’s a typical Christian priest, happy to do the ceremony for Ron and Amy. But after meeting them and their families, he waits a little too long when he asks if anyone objects to the wedding. (55) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[HANK] A big teddy bear of a guy, he’s the co-owner of Nutson’s restaurant. He knows Edwin is going to propose to him, and can’t wait to see the dance number. (79) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[EDWIN] Hank’s soulmate, he’s trying to do a really special proposal to Hank. But all goes wrong when Jack gets caught up in a spontaneous dance number. (80) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES