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TV & Video

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Now Casting the third season of a popular series with Brat TV! (LOS ANGELES BASED ONLY)

All roles are Paid, Non-Union, Supporting Roles.

Projected shooting window as of right now is 10/27 - 11/12. 


Female Roles:

  • MORGAN MCQUAID (14-16 years old) - A.K.A THE RANDOM GIRL WHO IS ALWAYS QUOTING THE MATRIX – (freshman) Lisa’s randomly assigned roommate. Wears tiny sunglasses and is always referencing the red pill and the blue pill. Her real name is Morgan. She will begin as a running joke, but Lisa – desperate to have other people to hang out with besides Ari – will befriend her. Eventually Morgan will become a full character. She is loyal, calm in scary situations, and a little too into conspiracy theories. She starts the 411, a forum dedicated to posting about the Matrix but ultimately it takes on a life of its own as a digital rumor mill. 
  • FELICITY WILD (15-17 years old)- (sophomore or junior) - a Blair Waldorf wannabe.  Befriends Lisa after Lisa turns on Ari. Hears a discipline case about Molly mid-season and argues against her. 
  • ASHLEY SMITH (15-17 years old) - (sophomore or junior) Felicity’s best friend and second in command. Starts the season entirely in line with Felicity, but begins to find her own voice. 
  • MS. GARCIA (25-40 years old) – Molly’s American Lit teacher. Ms. Garcia recognises a special talent in Molly and encourages her to do better in her classes. 

Male Roles:

  • RHYS WALKER (15-17 years old) - (junior) - the playboy at Crown Lake, popular and charming and a little bit smarmy. He gets mistaken for Molly in a photo of Ari hugging someone who appears to be in the boys uniform.
    HANK LAMB – (M, 40’s-50’s) - The Groundskeeper/Handyman. A bit run-down and quiet, he will be an unsettling presence on campus, and is the subject of rumors and unfounded fears, think Boo Radley.  He’s been at Crown Lake for years, and was implicated in a fire five years ago that resulted in the suspension of Nellie, Chloe and Tiffany. This season, this portrait of him will become more complicated when we find out he is actually Danny’s father. 
  • STEVEN - (M, 40s-50s) - Molly's stepfather and an alumni/donor of the school
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