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New York, United States
Posted 4 months ago

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Casting talent to create "busts" (wax figures; photo shoots, etc) for an upcoming TV series.

"Ambrose Eagan": Historic CEO from early 1900's. 75 y/o (in 1940). Early 1900's PERIOD FACES encouraged. Short & mousy but vain, clearly trying & failing to mimic his father's majesty. Kind of a Bob Dylan look, but not cool.
Details for the show have not been released. However, according to Deadline, Ben Stiller to direct and executive produced by Ben Stiller “Severance” for Apple TV. Deadline describes the show as follows: “Severance takes place at Lumen Industries, which is looking to take work-life balance to a new level. Tillman will play Milchick, an intensely earnest employee at the company.”