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Some folks read job postings and think, “Well, I’m not exactly that, but I could be there in 2-3 years.” This posting is a bit more specific because Gelia has a particular need. You’re an Associate Creative Director who is obviously a good designer, a hard worker, a strong leader and a super person. You even have some healthcare experience. Gelia loves that about you and wants you to work in our Buffalo office as our new ACD.


  • A minimum of 10 years in the creative trenches, mastering design, art direction, and even some ACD-ing
  • Healthcare and/or B2C background with a “healthy” portfolio
  • Creative chops that have instilled you with the confidence of a leader, from advertising to marketing
  • A portfolio that makes all the other bullets listed here meaningless
  • A strategic vision that combines your skills with your knowledge, helping our work align with our clients’ needs
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving ability because, if this job was easy, we wouldn’t need you
  • Industry insight into the latest trends to surprise and delight our clients
  • Ability to smile politely when someone hands you the third thing that needs to get done by EOD
  • Experience presenting your work to clients beyond putting it on an easel and saying, “This!”
  • Like the back of your hand Adobe Suite excellence

What we’ve got for you:

  • Front row seats to our Mojo Dojo Casa House at Gelia
  • A stacked team of collaboration pals, spread across Buffalo, NY, Raleigh, NC, and Peoria, IL.
  • Healthcare and B2C glory as you leave your mark on campaigns that matter
  • An office playground where innovation isn't just encouraged—it's mandatory
  • A package that’ll make you smile, complete with all the perks and that oh-so-sweet work-life balance

Ready to dive in:

Send your resume and presious portfolio to [email protected]. We can't wait to see the amazing things you've been up to.

We’re all ears:

At Gelia, we're all about diversity and inclusion. Your race, color, religion, gender or identity doesn't matter. We're just excited to meet the amazing person you are.

So, if you're ready to blend your design skills, leadership qualities and healthcare experience into one fantastic ACD package, hit us up. Let's create some great things together!

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