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California, United States
Posted 2 months ago

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Do you have a myth or rumor in the family that you want to get to the bottom of? For example, maybe Aunt Mary was a famous painter that no one knew about, Great Grandpa served in WWI with someone famous (some believe it was Paul Newman, others swear it was Jimmy Stewart) or maybe you swear Great Grandpa owned a fashion business because he was such a snazzy dresser and your brother thinks he was definitely NOT A fashion guy - he hated shopping? This is not a DNA focus - it’s more about a family myth/rumor that several family members dispute the details on and give conflicting views. 

Doesn’t have to be epic - just fun and light-hearted. Again - it’s not a DNA spot. We need at least 3 family members in Los Angeles that all have completely different views. If awarded for this job, your family would be paid $5000 and it shoots within the next two weeks at a stage in LA