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Run the Burbs is a new original comedy about a young, bold Canadian family taking a different approach to living life to the fullest in the suburbs. They’re the modern-day Griswolds, getting into wild adventures… Except they’re young, progressive, modern, supportive parents in the 2020s. The Pham’s take on every single day the way Clark tackles Christmas. They go all out.

Production Company: Pier 21 Films
Network(s): CBC & other networks TBD
Tentative Outside Date(s): August 30 -November 12
Filming Location: GTA, Hamilton, Locations in Ontario

KHIA PHAM: (13, Female) is tough, blunt, and very cool. On the surface she is intimidating, but behind the exterior of vintage t-shirts is a loving kid who is dealing with all the things involved with being thirteen. She’s always been incredibly close with her parents and looks out for her little brother, Leo. Now that she’s a teenager, she’s starting to develop a bit of a “too cool for school” attitude, but deep down she loves her family and knows how lucky she is. She just might not say it out loud as much as she used to. Khia is very connected to social media, photography, and all things creative. She represents a generation of youth that are connected to the world and aware of social issues. She’s the type of person who can pick up a new hobby or interest and learn everything about it within a week. She’s incredibly smart and is always asking questions about what’s happening in the world. Khia is a young person who is learning about who she is as an individual. She’s developing feelings for the first time and those feelings happen to be for another girl down the block. Things are changing in her world, but she loves her cheesy family because they always support her, even if it’s embarrassing from time to time. LEAD