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Casting an upcoming commercial for an electrical products and solutions company.

We are looking to celebrate people who take pride in their homes and love spending time in them.  Looking for diverse and warm people who are confident in their own skin.

Looking for:

1. REAL FATHER (30 - 50 yrs) + CHILD (5 - 7 yrs)

Looking for a real father and child who share a close and comfortable bond

2. REAL FAMILIES - Parents (35 - 50) Teenager (11 - 13 yrs) + Child (7 - 10 yrs) with - Grandma (65+)

Looking for a contemporary and diverse families, open to non traditional families.

*If you are a family without a grandmother we would still love you to apply. Grandmother doesn’t have to be related could be a grandparent figure.

3. YOUNG COUPLES (25 - 35 yrs)

Looking for a real young couple with playful energy and natural chemistry

4. GROUP OF 3 x REAL FRIENDS (25 - 45 yrs)

Looking for a group of unique and modern friends who love to catch up over a drink

We are open to casting all gender identities for the roles listed above. Although some roles we post in our casting calls have specified genders attached, if you see a character that you connect with, feel free to apply for that particular role.

SHOOT DATES: 15th - 16th of February 2022 (1 x shoot day)

*Talent should be available for both dates

**Please note that all precautions are being taken by production and the client to make sure talent will be working in a clean and safe environment. COVID safe plans will be adhered to on set.


Selected Adult Talent will receive $2,500 AUD per person for their involvement

Selected Child Talent will receive $700 AUD per person for their involvement

*All fees are less tax and super

Please click the link below to apply! The deadline to apply ASAP before Friday 21st of January 12pm.

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