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Posted 4 months ago

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Job Description

shoots between March 22 - March 31
Rate $335

40 to 40 years old, Black male.
Weight: 142 lb
Height: 5'8"
BMI: 20.4
Visible symptoms for self tape: breathlessness/mild cough

45 to 60 years old, all ethnicities male or female.
If you submit for the doctor role of shoot #91,
the same self tape will apply to this role if avail on the shoot dates.

This is a one day virtual telemedicine shoot with a target shoot date between: 3/22-3/31. MacBook computer with built-in FaceTime HD camera as well as fast and reliable internet is preferred but not a must. someone with a higher quality recording device like a new smartphone or better will be great. 

Talent must also be comfortable filming via online video conferencing. For the patient, we're looking for nice backgrounds as well. e.g. some detail and depth in the background without being too busy. 

Talent can be flexible in their location. For the role of the doctor, space at home that looks professional like a home office and/or plain enough to be a Doctor's office.