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Milo Casting is paying $2000+ for Canadians in Ontario and Quebec to share their stories on receiving Tax Benefits for a Commercial for the CRA!  


  • You are a Real Canadian Citizen and/or permanent or temporary Resident having lived in Canada a minimum of 18mos  (19 yrs of age or older) who has received one of the following Tax Benefits :
  • Canada child benefit: A parent with their child/children, under the age of 18, who has received the Canada Child Benefit within the last 3yrs. 
  • Disability tax credit: An adult who has claimed the disability tax credit and is receiving it or has received it within the last 3yrs.
  • Canada workers benefit: A worker of any age that is not a student and received the Canada workers benefit within the last 3yrs.
  • GST/HST credit: An adult who has received the GST/HST credit within the last 3yrs.
  • Free tax clinics: An adult who has received help to do their taxes from a free tax clinic through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program within the last 3yrs.
  • You would like to share your story on the impact of receiving one of the above Tax benefits. 
  • We are seeking both English speakers and French speakers for each benefit category listed above!

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Those chosen for this campaign will be paid $2000-$3500+ for a 1 day shoot

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