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MARGO | Female | Any Ethnicity | Age: 20 | Role Type: Leading
Margo is a thoughtful artist whose overthinking can often get in her own way. She is fun and empathetic, but grows more timid around Joie, her close friend whose relationship has passed its expiration date. Need someone able to deliver a nuanced, subtle performance.

JOIE | Female| Any Ethnicity | Age: 20 | Role Type: Leading
Joie is vibrant, brash, outgoing, and often oblivious to how her actions affect others. She's incredibly guarded, and hides behind a mask of energy and blunt remarks. Need someone sympathetic despite her lack of self-awareness.
#CASTING TWO ROLES in upcoming SHORT FILM - SOMEONE SOMEWHERE, which follows two college women coming to terms with the unhealthy nature of their friendship.

Two-day shoot in April.
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Independent Film
New York United States

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