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SpiedLife is the international Docu-Reality box that shows people's real lives in different world countries, LIVE streaming 24/7. Real life stories, told by people with different habits, cultures, customs and languages, without the interference of the Cameramen, Authors, Directors and Coordinators.

Additional Info

Our small mobile cameras, positioned in your home, will show that part of life lived inside your home, live and uninterrupted. With your smartphone, action cam, or drone, you can show part of your life lived outside your home. You will be able to keep your job and your social commitments, you will autonomously choose which rooms and which shots to show to the public, you can continue to receive your guests and, when strictly necessary, you can turn off the cameras for the short periods necessary to regain your privacy. A unique stage, on which to show one's real life without any restrictions, with the exception of nudity, sex, drugs and violence, absolutely not allowed.

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Influencer / TV & Video


Mario Sacco


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