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Los AngelesMajor Female R&B ArtistMusic Video   Looking For:Male Lead: Any EthnicityAges 21 to 30Unique Features - EccentricHypnotizing Eyes Rate: ...View More

Los Angeles Major R&B Music Video Music Video Looking for: Featured Male Model x 3 Any Ethnicity Ages 25 to 30 Unique Features - Eccentric Clean C...View More

Los Angeles Major YouTuber/Twitch Streamer Promo   Looking for: Audience Members Any Gender Any ethnicity Ages 18 to 25 Unique Features - Eccent...View More

Los Angeles Major Reggaeton Artist Music Video Looking for: Featured Models Female Any Ethnicity Ages 18 to 30 Unique Features - Eccentric Rate: $5...View More

Los Angeles Taco Bell Commercial Looking for:  Female Skateboarders Any ethnicity Ages 18-28 Unique features - Eccentric Rate: $700/ 12 hours Op...View More

Los Angeles Major Alcohol Brand Commercial Looking for: Featured Extras Any Gender Any Ethnicity Ages 25-35 Must be 25 years or older Unique features - ...View More

Los Angeles Taco Bell Commercial Looking for:  Skateboarders who can do tricks Any Gender Lantix Ages: 18-26 years old Unique Feature - Eccentric ...View More

Major Pop Female Artist Music Video Looking for: Female Models with Dyed hair (Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Red)  Any Ethnicities Ages: 18-26 years old...View More

Major Pop Female Artist Music Video Looking for:  Models with Platinum Blonde Hair Caucasian Female Ages 18 to 28   Date: January 23rd Rat...View More

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The Peach State is making waves in the entertainment sector as it steadily climbs the ladder to become a film production powerhouse. The Georgia Department of Economic Development recently disclosed that a whopping $4.1 billion was expended on film and TV productions within the state in the last year alone. This remarkable growth is a testament to Georgia's burgeoning film industry, which hosted 390 productions between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. These productions encompassed 31 feature films, 55 independent films, 241 television and episodic productions, 40 commercials, and 23 music videos. A significant milestone was achieved as Georgia surpassed New York in soundstage space, with projections indicating that it's on track to overtake California by 2027. The evolution of filming space in Georgia is nothing short of impressive, expanding from 45,000 square feet in 2010 to an anticipated 7 million square feet by 2025. This exponential growth reflects the state's commitment to nurturing a conducive environment for film productions. The financial trajectory also paints a promising picture. From 2012 to 2022, film-related capital investment in Georgia summed up to $1.3 billion. Moreover, an additional $2.9 billion is earmarked for construction between 2023 and 2027, signaling a booming infrastructure growth propelled by the success of the state's film industry. At the helm of this success is the state's film tax credit, which, according to Kelsey Moore, the executive director of the Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition, has been instrumental in metamorphosing Georgia into a global filming hub. The billions spent have not only enriched local businesses but also created a myriad of job opportunities, contributing significantly to the state's economy. However, it's not all smooth sailing as the state's film tax credit is currently under scrutiny. State Economist Jeffrey Dorfman has proposed that the tax credit should either be revoked or scaled back. Contrarily, proponents argue that such a move could potentially deter productions, driving them to other states and, in turn, adversely affecting the local economy. The narrative of Georgia's film industry is one of resilience, strategic investment, and an unwavering commitment to becoming a global leader in film production. As the state continues on this upward trajectory, the spotlight shines brighter on Georgia, heralding a new era of film production not just in the United States, but on the global stage.
In a significant development that underscores the importance of collective bargaining, President Joe Biden has extended his commendation towards the tentative agreement reached between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). This agreement comes as a breath of fresh air, marking the end of a 146-day strike that had significantly impacted the entertainment industry. In a statement released on Monday, President Biden applauded the efforts of both parties in reaching a consensus that would allow writers to resume their crucial role in storytelling. He emphasized the importance of the stories that reflect the essence of our nation and the world, acknowledging the hardships that industry laborers across various practices and mediums have endured over the last five months. "This agreement, including assurances related to artificial intelligence, did not come easily," Biden remarked, highlighting the challenges faced during the negotiation process. "But its formation is a testament to the power of collective bargaining. There simply is no substitute for employers and employees coming together to negotiate in good faith toward an agreement that makes a business stronger and secures the pay, benefits, and dignity that workers deserve." The President's statement resonates with the broader narrative of ensuring fair compensation and working conditions for workers, extending beyond the entertainment industry to other sectors as well. He urged all employers to recognize that all workers, including writers, actors, and autoworkers, deserve a fair share of the value their labor contributes to creating. The WGA-AMPTP agreement has been a focal point of discussion, especially given the stalemate over AI usage and staffing levels for writing rooms that it aimed to resolve. The tentative agreement reached on Sunday night has been hailed as a significant step towards restoring a major piece of California’s economy back to work. The reaction to the agreement wasn't confined to the presidential office; several other political figures and industry stakeholders expressed their support and gratitude for the resolution of the strike. California Governor Gavin Newsom, L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, and Senator Bernie Sanders were among those who took to social media to praise the deal. Their messages echoed a similar sentiment of solidarity and the importance of dignified working conditions for writers. The entertainment industry, a critical component of California's economy, has been under the spotlight, with the strike highlighting the pressing issues faced by writers, especially in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The agreement, which also addresses concerns related to artificial intelligence, sets a precedent for how negotiations can pave the way for fair compensation and working conditions. As the industry now looks towards a period of recovery and rejuvenation, the WGA-AMPTP agreement serves as a beacon of hope for other labor unions and industry bodies advocating for better working conditions and fair compensation. The endorsement from President Biden amplifies the message of the agreement, reinforcing the importance of collective bargaining in achieving equitable solutions. The journey towards this agreement has been a testament to the resilience and solidarity displayed by the writers and the broader entertainment community. It also reflects a growing awareness and acknowledgment of the challenges faced by creative professionals in the modern industry landscape. In conclusion, the WGA-AMPTP agreement, backed by the commendation from President Biden, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing dialogue surrounding workers' rights, fair compensation, and the ethical use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. As the industry moves forward, the lessons learned from this negotiation are likely to resonate and influence future discussions and agreements.
In a landmark development, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have inked a new three-year contract, marking the end of a 140-day strike that had brought the entertainment industry to a standstill. This agreement, unveiled on September 26, 2023, heralds a new era of enhanced compensation, better working conditions, and significant protections against the encroachment of artificial intelligence in the creative process. The financial contours of the deal are nothing short of a victory for the writers. The total value of the contract is pegged at a whopping $233 million, a substantial leap from the initial $86 million offer by the AMPTP. This financial augmentation reflects a broader recognition of the indispensable role writers play in the burgeoning entertainment landscape, especially in the face of the streaming revolution that has reshaped viewing habits globally. One of the cornerstone achievements of this agreement is the structured wage increment for writers, aligned with the rates previously agreed upon by the studios and the Directors Guild of America. The writers are set to enjoy a 5% wage increase in the first year, followed by a 4% increase in the second, and a 3.5% increase in the third year. This structured wage increment is a significant stride towards ensuring that the writers' earnings are commensurate with the pivotal role they play in content creation. In an industry increasingly flirting with artificial intelligence, the new contract has laid down robust protections for writers. A key provision in the agreement stipulates that studios cannot mandate writers to use AI tools in their creative process. Moreover, if any AI-generated material is provided to writers, the studios are required to disclose it. This is a monumental step in preserving the human essence of storytelling, ensuring that the creative reins remain firmly in the hands of the writers. Furthermore, the WGA has secured the rights regarding the use of its members' work in data sets meant to train AI programs. The guild reserves the right to assert that such exploitation of writers’ material is prohibited, thereby safeguarding the intellectual property rights of the writers in the digital age. The contract also addresses the evolving dynamics of streaming compensation, introducing a bonus structure for streaming titles that perform exceptionally well. Starting in 2024, streaming titles with budgets exceeding $30 million and viewed by 20% or more of the service’s domestic subscribers in the first 90 days of release will trigger a bonus equal to 50% of the fixed domestic and foreign residual. This is a forward-thinking provision that aligns writers' compensation with the success of their work on streaming platforms. Moreover, for feature-length streaming projects with a budget at or above $30 million, the minimal initial compensation for a story or teleplay has been set at $100,000, marking an 18% increase from the current rate. This adjustment reflects a more realistic valuation of writers' contributions to high-budget streaming projects. In a bid to ensure a conducive working environment, the contract mandates studios to hire a minimum number of writers and writer-producers for both development and production phases. This provision ensures that there is adequate staffing to meet the creative demands of projects, thereby fostering a more collaborative and productive working environment. The agreement also facilitates a more transparent relationship between writers and streaming services regarding viewership data. The WGA will now receive confidential viewership data on streaming shows based on hours viewed, although only aggregate data can be publicly shared. This provision empowers writers with better insights into the performance of their work, fostering a more informed dialogue between writers and studios. In conclusion, the new WGA-AMPTP contract is a monumental step towards creating a more equitable and rewarding working environment for writers. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve in the face of technological advancements and changing viewer preferences, this agreement sets a robust precedent for ensuring that the rights and contributions of writers are duly recognized and rewarded. More Project Casting Entertainment News: Late-Night Shows Set To Return Soon After Writers & Studios Strike A Deal Resolution Reached: Late-Night Shows Gear Up for a Comeback After Writers & Studios Reach Agreement. Late-night television is on the verge of making a trium... WGA and Hollywood Studios Reach Tentative Deal To End Writers Strike WGA and AMPTP Reach Preliminary Accord, Ending Writers Strike. After an arduous five-month standoff, the Writers Guild has struck a tentative deal with the Alli... How to Become a Model in Los Angeles Unlocking the Glamorous Path: How to Become a Model in Los Angeles Introduction Los Angeles, often hailed as the world's entertainment capital, is a thriving hu...
Embrace diversity and unity: Join the $2,000+ faith-based campaign casting call in the USA. Are you an open-minded individual with a passion for exploring faith and spirituality? Do you possess the unique perspective of being fluent in English as a second language? If so, we invite you to participate in an extraordinary nationwide casting call for a faith-based campaign that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes unity through shared values. This faith-based campaign is not just a job opportunity but a chance to be a catalyst for positive change. By actively engaging in faith-based discussions and activities, participants can share their personal experiences and perspectives on faith and spirituality. This collaborative effort with the production team will produce authentic and meaningful content that resonates with audiences profoundly. We seek individuals from all walks of life, representing diverse backgrounds and experiences, to come together. Fluency in English as a second language is crucial, as it allows for a rich tapestry of voices to be heard. Above all, we are looking for open-minded individuals with a genuine interest in faith and spirituality and comfortable discussing and participating in faith-related activities. Selected participants will be part of an impactful campaign and receive a competitive compensation package. This includes a daily stipend covering your time and efforts and travel expenses (if applicable). Additionally, participants will receive a copy of the final campaign content for personal use, providing a lasting memory of this transformative experience. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications promptly to be considered for this unique opportunity. Take your chance to be a part of this faith-based campaign, where your voice and perspective can make a real difference in promoting unity and understanding. Embrace diversity, share your faith, and participate in something extraordinary. Apply now! Join Project Casting to access jobs you can apply to right now. How to apply? Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call. $2,000+ Faith-Based Campaign Open Casting Call Job Details: We are seeking open-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds nationwide who are fluent in English as a second language to participate in a faith-based campaign. This campaign aims to celebrate cultural diversity and promote unity through shared values. Job Responsibilities: Actively engage in faith-based discussions and activities. Share personal experiences and perspectives on faith and spirituality. Collaborate with the production team to create authentic and meaningful content. Requirements: Must be fluent in English as a second language. Open-minded individuals with a genuine interest in faith and spirituality. Comfortable discussing and participating in faith-related activities. Compensation: Selected participants will receive a competitive compensation package, including a daily stipend, travel expenses (if applicable), and a copy of the final campaign content for personal use. Interested? Apply Now! You deserve to get discovered. Find more jobs, networking opportunities, and resources on Project Casting.