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T-Hud Entertainment&Management is a company located in Illinois, United States. T-Hud Entertainment&Management specializes in TV & Video,Events. Some recent wor...View More

Aesthetic 1st is a company located in North Carolina, United States. Aesthetic 1st specializes in Theater,TV & Video,Modeling. Some recent work includes .View More

victoriaacting is a company located in Tennessee, United States. victoriaacting specializes in Film,Voiceover,Influencer,Commercials,TV & Video. Some recent wor...View More

DSE Empirre is a company located in United States. DSE Empirre specializes in Film. Some recent work includes .View More

Derek Smiley is a company located in Alabama, United States. Derek Smiley specializes in Film,Entertainment jobs & Crew. Some recent work includes .View More

Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about our service and billing.
What is Project Casting?
Project Casting is a mobile application that connects actors, models, and performers with casting directors and producers for film, television, and other entertainment industry projects. Project Casting works by allowing performers to create a profile, upload photos and videos of their work, and apply for casting calls and auditions. Casting directors and producers can post casting calls and review performer profiles to find the best fit for their projects.
How much does Project Casting cost for companies?
Project Casting is free to start. We offer monthly and annual paid plans that give companies access to multiple job listings, advanced tools, and services such as priority customer support, casting services, and unlimited messaging capabilities. Pricing starts at $250/month.
Is there a free trial available?
Companies can get started for free but are limited in the number of messages sent, job invites, and job posting capabilities.

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