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[WATCH] Michael Caine’s Secret Surprising Acting Tip

Michael Caine is one Hollywood's most critically acclaimed actors in the film industry. But, did you know he practices his lines over 1,000 times before he ever heads to set? In an interview with 60 Minutes,...
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[WATCH] Taraji P. Henson’s Amazing Audition for ‘Baby Boy’

Taraji P. Henson's audition tape for Baby Boy is amazing! Before there ever was Cookie Lyon, before there was Golden Globe winning actress Taraji P. Henson, there was Yvette. Empire made Taraji P. Henson a household name, but before...
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‘The Revenant’: Iñarritu, DiCaprio Share Amazing Acting Advice

Alejandro Iñarritu and Leonardo DiCaprio shares amazing acting advice and details about The Revenant. Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes of The Revenant? Have you ever wondered how Leonardo DiCaprio prepared for the movie role? Well...
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10 Things Every Background Extra Should Know Before Going to Set

Here are 10 things every background extra should know before going to set. We recently had the amazing opportunity to talk with Baywatch the movie casting director about extra work. And one of the most...
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Major Chicago Talent Agency is Moving to Atlanta

Gill Hayes Talent agency is expanding their offices to Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia's film industry is booming which means more and more TV shows and movies are filming in Atlanta, Savannah and surrounding cities. With the...
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Johnny Depp Shares Inspiring Acting Advice for Aspiring Actors

Johnny Depp shares how he gets into character for every movie and some amazing advice for aspiring actors. Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's biggest and highest paid actors in Hollywood. With each and every...

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