Scarlett Johannson Marriage Story

Need a Monologue? Read and Download Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’ Screenplay

Are you looking for a monologue? Read and download Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story’ screenplay. Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’ is an exploration of love and how people deal with moving on when a relationship ends. It...
Acting Resume

Acting Resumé Tips to Boost Your Acting Career

How to create an acting resume Here at Project Casting, we are often asked, "I do not have very much to put on my resume. What do you think I should do?" First, it is crucial...
Acting Classes

Acting Classes: Everything You Need to Know

Acting Classes - here is a guide that explains everything you need to know before you sign up for an acting class. There are a ton of acting classes available to aspiring actors. Those classes...
Casting Call film clapper

How To Prepare For a Reality TV Show Casting Call

Getting seen at a Reality TV open call means being prepared. Getting seen at a Reality TV open call means being prepared for the reality show audition. The growing popularity of Reality TV has given...

What is a Stand-in? Here’s Everything YOU Need to Know

Stand-in - here is everything you need to know about working on-set as a stand-in. Many TV shows and movies hire stand-ins. If you are hired as a stand-in, your role will be one step...
Hollywood - become an actor

How to Get Registered with Central Casting

How to get registered with Central Casting.  Are you moving to Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, or New Orleans and not sure where to get started on your acting career? One of the best...

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