Cry on Command

How to Cry on Command | Acting Tips to Cry on Command

Learn how to cry on command So, how does someone cry on cue? Well, for some people it's really easy. While for others it can be extremely tough. Essentially, it has to do with tapping...
Casting Workshops

Casting Workshops and Everything You Need to Know

Casting Workshops - here is everything you need to know. Casting directors are actively looking for talent to work on their TV shows and movies. Casting directors who work on TV shows, in particular, are...
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Reveals Her Acting Techniques

Charlize Theron reveals her acting techniques and why she is not a method actor. As we previously described in our guide to acting styles, Method Acting is one of the most popular acting techniques in...

Adam Driver’s HBO Audition for ‘Girls’ [VIDEO]

Watch Adam Driver's audition for HBO's 'Girls' Adam Driver is now a critically acclaimed actor and while he does not like watching himself on screen, he is known for his dramatic roles and character actor...

Joaquin Phoenix’s Audition for ‘Joker’ [VIDEO]

Joaquin Phoenix's audition for 'Joker' is finally here and it is amazing. Joaquin Phoenix's acting in the movie 'Joker' will go down in history as one of the best acting performances of the decade. In October...
Los Angeles Talent Agencies

Los Angeles Talent Agencies You Should Know

Are you looking for acting, dance or a Los Angeles talent agent? Here is a full list of LA talent agencies you need to know? The most reliable way to become a famous actor in...

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