Stunt Double

How to Become a Stunt Double

Stunt Double - learn everything you need to know about stunts in the TV and film industry. If you are looking for more information about getting started in the entertainment industry, check out our other guides here: ...
Talent Managers

Talent Managers – Find Everything You Need to Know

Talent Managers - here is everything you need to know about talent management in the TV and film industry. Are you looking to break into the film and TV industry? If so, this guide will...
Beginner's Guide to Acting (cover)

The Beginner’s Guide to Acting

Introduction Welcome to your Acting learning journey! After working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, we have realized there is a lot of misinformation, and many aspiring actors are stumbling to find success in...
Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman Shares Tips for Aspiring Actors and Directors

'Ozark's Jason Bateman shares his thoughts on acting and directing. Jason Bateman has transcended from minor roles to leading major feature films. Now the actor is in the business of directing with the third season of...
Chris Evans

Chris Evans Reveals His Worst Audition Ever And It’s AWKWARD! (VIDEO)

Chris Evans reveals the story behind his worst audition ever. Chris Evans has impressed casting directors when it matters most. He managed to land the leading role as Steve Rogers, and turn him into one...
Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston Reveals His Audition Trick He Used to Land More Roles

Bryan Cranston opens up about how he struggled with rejection and learned how to do well in the audition room. Six-time Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston is considered one of the greatest actors of all...

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