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Should You Put Extra Work on Your Job Resume?

Working as a background extra, you can fill up your resume pretty quickly. The length of a background actor's employment on a production largely depends on the needs of the director and the scene(s) being...
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Two Things You Should Be Eating to Have a Great Audition

What should you eat the night before your audition? A good night sleep is important. It can make the difference between landing a role and not getting a call back. According to Harvard School of...
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Watch Out for Hidden Tests at Your Next Audition

Pay attention to hidden tests at your next job interview or audition. Auditions are simply, job interviews for actors. On the surface, they seem like a simple exchange of questions and answers or reading of...
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Use the “Memory Palace” Technique to Memorize Lines

Do you need help memorizing your lines? Try using the "Memory Palace" technique to memorize lines for your next audition, TV show, and feature film. The people who are able to memorize a large set...
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3 Things You Should Do After Having an Audition

Continue to apply for roles after having a great audition it will keep your spirit up. If you have a good audition with a casting director, it's pretty easy to wait and sit back for their...
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How to Save Money by Shopping at WalMart

Here is how you can save a ton a money by shopping at Walmart Are you looking to save some extra cash? Do you need to buy new head shots, film a demo reel, or...

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