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Bryan Cranston Shares Valuable Auditioning Tips [VIDEO]

Award Winning actor Bryan Cranston shares audition tips in this amazing interview. Bryan Cranston has been in the industry for a long time. You can remember him working on Malcolm in the Middle as a...
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6 Networking Tips You Need To Use in the Entertainment Industry

Want to become an actor? Here are 6 networking tips for actors in the entertainment industry! While an actor focuses on their skills for booking auditions, they must also be willing and able to network with...

24 Things You Should Be Doing to Make Your Monologue Stand Out!

24 things you should be doing to make your acting monologue stand out. A monologue is a portion of a longer piece written for stage or for film. It is a sample of your work...
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12 Tips You Should Be Using for Your Headshots

As an actor you need to have two things in order to make it into the entertainment industry, a headshot, and a resume. We previously discussed what your resume should look like but, what should...
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Here’s What your Acting Resume Should Look Like

Here are some resume basics to help you stand out in your next audition. Have you ever wondered how to format your acting resume? Do you want to learn what your resume should look like...
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3 Ways Writing a Journal Can Make You a Better Actor

Three ways writing a journal makes you a better actor The benefits of journaling have been studied in the past, but a recent study shows that 15 minutes of reflection at the end of the...

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