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Six Ways to be a Great Actor and Make Your Director Happy

Want to learn how to become an actor? Check out these quick tips!. Aiming to please the director is not always about kissing up. When your goal is to make a great movie, TV show,...
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Shia LaBeouf’s Audition for Broadway is Incredible [VIDEO]

Shia LaBeouf Auditions for the lead role in "Orphans" Last year Shia Labeouf was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. He was cast as one of the lead actors in the broadway play "Orphans" alongside...
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Henry Thomas’ Audition for E.T. is the Best Audition You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

Henry Thomas' Audition for E.T. is so moving and so realistic you will think it is real. Steven Spielberg once revealed that one of the hardest roles he had ever had to cast was the...
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Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Audition for X-Men is Stunning [VIDEO]

Check out Hugh Jackman's audition for Wolverine in 1999. Hugh Jackman quickly became in what appears to be overnight. But, the Australian actor has worked on several productions as a producer and actor in film,...
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Director Ron Howard Shares Amazing Advice for Filmmakers [Video]

The Tribeca Film Festival was announced today and Director Ron Howard gave away some amazing filmmaking tips. The Tribeca Film Festival is ramping up production and accepting submissions for features, shorts and new media projects....
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The “Breaking Bad” Auditions are Incredible [VIDEO]

Watch the "Breaking Bad" Auditions of Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris! They are Incredible! Before becoming one of the most watched shows on television, Breaking Bad was simply an idea. From the idea...

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