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Everything You Should Know About Being a Stand-in in a Movie or TV Show

So you want to become a stand-in? Well here is everything you need to know before you start working as a stand-in. A stand-in's job entails standing around watching the actor you're standing in for to...
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Doctors Say Teens Start School Too Early

Study Says Teens Start School Too Damn Early According to a recent study, doctors are saying teenagers are starting school too early in the morning. Tons of tired teens of America are dragging themselves out of...
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The Best Way to Get Over Feeling Nervous in Auditions

How to deal with anxiety and stress before your audition Auditions are tough. You have casting directors critiquing every move that you are doing, every inflection of your voice and even the clothes that you are...
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Should You Send a Thank You Letter After an Audition?

Do thank you letters increase your chances after an audition? Many times people forget that you should always be professional even as an actor and the little things that you do as an actor can go...
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Should You Quit Background Extra Work to Become an Actor?

Can Background Extra work hurt your chances of becoming an actor? The film industry is booming in New York, Georgia, Louisiana and California. With so many TV shows and movies filming, it is quite possible for...
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Six Ways to be a Great Actor and Make Your Director Happy

Want to learn how to become an actor? Check out these quick tips!. Aiming to please the director is not always about kissing up. When your goal is to make a great movie, TV show,...

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Have a Movie Idea? Netflix is Now Looking for Aspiring Writers

Have a movie idea? Netflix is now looking for aspiring writers. Imagine Impact from Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s production company, is looking for submissions...

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