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5 Tips Actors Should be Using to Get a Headstart in the Industry

Five Tips for Actors Should be Using to Get a Head Start in the Industry - How to stand out and get a called back. Many people wish to become a professional actor. The ability to perform...

Should You Ask the Casting Director Why You Didn’t Get the Role?

Is it rude to ask a casting director why you didn't get the role? After several auditions and not getting a call back or role you may want to ask the casting director why? So,...
Project Casting

Leonardo DiCaprio Does this in Every Movie and it’s Amazing [VIDEO]

There is no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor. Leonardo DiCaprio started his acting career appearing in TV commercials. He would later land recurring roles on the sitcom Growing Pains in the 1990's....
How to become an actor

5 Tips to Filming the Perfect Video Audition [VIDEO]

How to Self-Tape Auditions and Land the Role - Learn the Technical Skills to Get a Call Back Nowadays actors are no longer visiting the studio or casting director's office to audition. Instead, casting directors...
George Clooney Bobblehead

5 Things You Never Noticed George Clooney Does in Every Movie [VIDEO]

In nearly every scene, George Clooney does the same thing - George Clooney loves to bobble his head! George Clooney is a movie icon. His work on ER boosted his career and has placed him...
Project Casting

How to NOT Land a Role on a TV Show

How to NOT Land a Role on a TV Show - Aspiring actress sends creepy text messages to a casting director. There are many ways to ruin your chances on landing a role on a...

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