One Day She'll Darken TNT pilot

Warner Bros. is Now Looking for Aspiring Directors

Warner Bros. Television Directors' Workshop is now accepting submissions. Warner Bros is looking for aspiring directors to join their Warner Bros. Television Directors' Workshop a program that introduces up-and-coming directors to the industry of prime...

Need Funding? How to Get Up To $40,000 To Film Your Short Film

SHIFT Creative Film Fund Grant is now accepting submissions. Are you looking for funding for your next short film? Submit your short film project and you could receive between $5,000 and $40,000 in this short...
Project Casting

10 Most Annoying Problems in Superhero Movies [VIDEO]

Here are the 10 most annoying problems in blockbuster movies. Blockbuster movie franchises are the new Hollywood go-to movie. If it can't be turned into a movie franchise or cinematic universe, Hollywood does not want...
Netflix Ozark Casting

Jason Bateman Reveals Tips for Aspiring Directors and Actors

Jason Bateman opens up about his approach to directing and working as an actor. Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor and director Jason Bateman opened up in an interview with Collider, about his experiences in the...
High Flying Bird

Netflix’s “High Flying Bird” Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Netflix's new movie "High Flying Bird" was shot entirely on an iPhone. Filmmaking is changing. Many productions may brag about their $20,000 filmmaking equipment but, more aspiring and working directors are choosing to use their...
David Benioff Game of Thrones

Get Discovered and Win $5,000 With This Awesome Film Contest

American Zoetrope Coppola Shorts 2019 is now taking submissions. The Francis Ford Coppola founded American Zoetrope is now offering this competition looking for a short film. David Benioff of Game of Thrones will select the...

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