How To Become a Screenwriter

How to Become a Screenwriter

The responsibility for a screenwriter is to write the screenplay for a film, which includes the setting, dialogue, and tone. Screenwriter starts with a treatment before working on the first draft and is expected...

Bradley Cooper Shares Amazing Tips for Aspiring Actor and Directors

Bradley Cooper spoke with SAG-AFTRA Foundation about his life career and his latest movie "A Star is Born". Cooper, who recently made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed Warner Bros. film A Star is...

Gucci is Now Looking For Aspiring Filmmakers

Gucci is now looking for aspiring filmmakers and will pay filmmakers up to $25,000. The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund helps support a group of feature-length documentaries that highlight issues of social importance. Aspiring filmmakers can...
High Flying Bird

Netflix’s “High Flying Bird” Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Netflix's new movie "High Flying Bird" was shot entirely on an iPhone. Filmmaking is changing. Many productions may brag about their $20,000 filmmaking equipment but, more aspiring and working directors are choosing to use their...
One Day She'll Darken TNT pilot

Warner Bros. is Now Looking for Aspiring Directors

Warner Bros. Television Directors' Workshop is now accepting submissions. Warner Bros is looking for aspiring directors to join their Warner Bros. Television Directors' Workshop a program that introduces up-and-coming directors to the industry of prime...
Movie Producer

How to Become a Producer

Become a Producer Job Description - The Producer runs the filmmaking business as they help the screenwriter write the script, casting directors to find the cast, hire the crew for the production, and find the money...

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