Tyler Perry Casting Calls

Tyler Perry Shares Amazing Advice On How to Survive Hollywood [VIDEO]

Tyler Perry shares excellent advice to actors, producers, and filmmakers on how to make your way in Hollywood. How Tyler Perry transformed himself into an international success is a fantastic story. Living on the streets...
NBC Studios

NBC is Now Looking for Aspiring Late Night Writers

2020 NBC Late Night Writers Workshop is now accepting submissions. Are you interested in becoming a writer in the TV and film industry? One of the best ways to get a start is with the NBCUniversal...
NBC Casting Call

NBCUniversal is Looking for Aspiring Directors

NBC Universal New Mexico Directors Initiative Program is now accepting applicants NBCUniversal is now accepting applications for the New Mexico Directors Initiative Program. Applications opened on February 27th and the program’s mission is to provide...

CBS is Now Looking for Aspiring Writers

CBS is searching for writers for its CBS Writers Mentoring Program. For nearly two decades, over 100 aspiring diverse writers have completed the ViacomCBS Global Inclusion Writers Mentoring Program. Over 80 careers have launched and...
Project Castingvideo

Apple Does Not Allow iPhones to be Used by the Bad Guys in Movies

Apple won't allow iPhones to be used by bad guys in movies. Rian Johnson, the director behind ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and ‘Knives Out’, revealed Apple does not allow bad guys in movies to...

Verizon Creates a $5 Million Fund for Female Filmmakers

Verizon reveals a multi-million dollar fund for women filmmakers. According to Variety, Verizon has allocated $5 million in production budgets for female-led projects. The Future Fund will support aspiring female directors and focus on emerging content...

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