Movie Producer

How to Become a Producer

Become a Producer Job Description - The Producer runs the filmmaking business as they help the screenwriter write the script, casting directors to find the cast, hire the crew for the production, and find the...

How to Become a Director

Become a Director Job description for Directors Directors have the job and duty to tell compelling stories through an actor’s performance and visuals. They are in charge of pre-production, filmmaking, and post-production. How much does an actor...
Arts Fund Coronavirus Money

Actors, Filmmakers Can Now Get Paid If Hurt by Coronavirus

Are you impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? Hundreds of thousands of creative professionals have lost contracts, jobs, and opportunities. Closures, shutdowns, and social-distancing requirements have had a major impact on the film &...

How to Take Amazing Headshots with an iPhone and a Big Mac (VIDEO)

Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive headshots, when you can use your cell phone a big mac box? French photographer Philippe Echaroux, 34, uses a light, a straw, an iPhone and a Big Mac...
Tyler Perry Casting Calls

Tyler Perry Shares Amazing Advice On How to Survive Hollywood [VIDEO]

Tyler Perry shares excellent advice to actors, producers, and filmmakers on how to make your way in Hollywood. How Tyler Perry transformed himself into an international success is a fantastic story. Living on the streets...
NBC Studios

NBC is Now Looking for Aspiring Late Night Writers

2020 NBC Late Night Writers Workshop is now accepting submissions. Are you interested in becoming a writer in the TV and film industry? One of the best ways to get a start is with the NBCUniversal...

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