Netflix Ozark Casting

Jason Bateman Reveals Tips for Aspiring Directors and Actors

Jason Bateman opens up about his approach to directing and working as an actor. Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor and director Jason Bateman opened up in an interview with Collider, about his experiences in the...

Get Free Online Master Classes with Sundance

Get Free Access to Sundance's Library of Online Master Classes The Sundance Institute understands the challenges thousands of people are facing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now, Sundance is giving aspiring filmmakers access to their library...
Film Grants

44 Film Grant Programs Every Filmmaker Should Know

Film grant programs that every actor, screenwriter, director, and producer should apply for. Have you ever wanted to join the film industry but, you didn't have the connections, the money, or even know where to...
How To Become a Screenwriter

How to Become a Screenwriter

The responsibility for a screenwriter is to write the screenplay for a film, which includes the setting, dialogue, and tone. Screenwriter starts with a treatment before working on the first draft and is expected...
Will Smith Bad Boys 3

Will Smith Reveals His Secret to Staying Famous

How far would you go to become and stay famous? For Will Smith that meant not drinking for over ten years to stay camera-ready. Will Smith revealed he stayed away from alcohol for over ten...
Issa Rae

Issa Rae On Being Black in Hollywood

Issa Rae opens up about being black in Hollywood Issa Rae has become a leading star and she started her start in Hollywood by creating her own opportunities. Her breakout YouTube series 'The Misadventures of...

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