Better Call Saul

‘Better Call Saul’ Actress Shares Her Story, Acting Process, and Tips

Actress Rhea Seehorn plays Kim Wexler in AMC's 'Better Call Saul' and gave an amazing interview with Rolling Stone about her acting career, and how she approaches acting on the 'Breaking Bad' spinoff. Seehorn says acting classes...
Coronavirus (1)

Sweden, Denmark Restart Film Production with New Coronavirus Rules

New Coronavirus rules reveal how Sweden and Denmark plan to restart their film production as soon as possible. Across the United States, producers shut down filming due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is causing hundreds...

‘Westworld’ Season 4 is Coming Soon as HBO Renews the Series

HBO renews ‘Westworld’ for season 4. Before the end of season 3, HBO renewed ‘Westworld’ for a fourth season. “From the western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of the near future, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every...
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Jobs

New ‘Star Wars’ Series with a Female-Led Cast is Coming Soon

A new 'Star Wars' is coming soon with a female-centered cast. A new ‘Star Wars’ series is coming soon to Disney+. From ‘Russian Doll’ co-creator Leslye Headland will have a female lead. Details surrounding the...
Danger Sign

Coronavirus: New Production Rules Bans Extras from Working on Set

Australian production 'Neighbours' is creating a Coronavirus production guidelines roadmap that other Hollywood movies and shows could potentially follow. As we previously reported, Hollywood insiders do not believe filming will return until September. However, one...

Free TV Shows and Movies Were Added to YouTube

Netflix and MTV have added new and free content to YouTube. As the world continues to remain in quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are watching more and more content online. In...

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