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There Was a Sex Toy in the Zombie Lake on ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead had a sex doll hidden in the mid-season finale. The pranks between Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln on set of The Walking Dead are pretty hilarious. The latest prank on set came about during the...
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Star Trek 2017 to Film at Pinewood Studios

'Star Trek' series will film in Pinewood Toronto Studios in Toronto, Canada. The new Star Trek series will be moving to Toronto, Ontario when the show starts production this fall. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the specific...
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RATINGS: Emmys’ Hit All Time Low

Emmys ratings hit all-time low with only 11.3 million viewers; down 5% from 2015. Despite having one of the most diverse award shows in television history, it seems as though men and women across the...
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‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere Ratings Drop

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere ratings have dropped. Sunday was a big night for cable television. AMC's hit TV series The Walking Dead returned for the second half of its sixth season, and HBO launched what could be...
Donald Trump Documentary

‘The Apprentice’ Crew Reveal What It Was Like to Work with Donald Trump

'The Apprentice' producers reveal Donald Trump's personality while working on the reality show. Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential nominee and has a chance at becoming the next President of the United States. So, investigative...
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Hollywood Bashes Chris Rock’s Asian Kids Oscars Joke

Chris Rock is under fire for an Oscars skit that seems to poke fun at Asians for their math skills and other Asian-American stereotypes. Chris Rock tackeled several controversial issues during his Oscar hosting gig...

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