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Comedy Central Cancels Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’

Comedy Central cancels 'The Nightly Show'. Comedy Central is pulling the plug on Larry Wilmore's TV series, The Nightly Show, the network announced on Monday. Its last episode will air on Thursday. Comedy Central president, Kent Alterman, said...
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CBS: Nancy Drew ‘Will NOT Be White’

CBS plans on not casting white women to play Nancy Drew on the new TV reboot. Nancy Drew first appeared in books in 1930 and was created by Edward Stratemeyer. The books were ghostwritten by...
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‘Walking Dead’ Fans Bash Season 6 Finale Episode

The Walking Dead fans bash season 6 finale. After months if not years of anticipation, The Walking Dead has finally introduced Negan, who is played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But, fans will have to wait until Season...
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‘Training Day’ TV Pilot Casts Denzel Washington’s Replacement

Bill Paxton will replace Denzel Washington in the Training Day TV pilot. When Training Day hit theaters, I became Denzel Washington's biggest fan. I never thought any actor could have played the lead role the way Denzel Washington did. And...
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SNL: Kevin Hart Shows What Would Happen if Batman Were a Black Man (VIDEO)

A sketch called “Captain Shadow and Cardinal” aired during Saturday night’s Kevin Hart-hosted episode. In it, Captain Shadow, played by Kevin Hart and his sidekick Cardinal (Chris Redd) are pulled over by a cop while...
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Here’s Why NBC Wanted ‘The Walking Dead’, But Without Zombies

NBC wanted to make The Walking Dead but, feature the show without zombies. AMC's The Walking Dead is a hit. It's the most popular show on television and the show many aspiring actors dream of landing a role on....

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