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Camera Operator Dies Filming Stunt On a BBC/Netflix Drama

Veteran film and TV camera operator, Mark Wilsome, has reportedly died while filming a stunt on BBC/Netflix drama The Forgiving Earth. According to Deadline, the incident occurred over the weekend but, the details of...
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21 Reality Stars Have Committed Suicide in the Past 10 Years

How come so many reality stars are committing suicide? Reality television is everywhere. Whether it's the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Jersey Shore, millions of people tune in every week to see what their favorite reality stars are up...
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Vin Diesel is Getting His Own TV Show on NBC

NBC and Vin Diesel are combining their forces for a new procedural drama series First Responders.  Vin Diesel is looking to showcase his producer skills on the small screen and NBC is teaming up with the Fast...
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Will Byers’ ‘Stranger Things’ Audition Story Will Make You Love ‘Stranger Things’ Even More

Before becoming one of the most popular kids in the film industry, Noah Schnapp was just a normal kid doing normal stuff like riding bikes and playing video games. In fact, it was while...
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Leaked ‘Walking Dead’ Scene Shows Negan Killing [Spoiler]

A newly released Walking Dead scene shows a different Negan victim. The Walking Dead spoiler alert Producers of the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead revealed they shot multiple versions of the pivotal death scene including new villain Negan that...
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Jon Bernthal Bashes His “Alt-Right” ‘Punisher Fans: “F**** Them”

Jon Bernthal is not here for "alt-right" fans who love Netflix's Punisher series. Recently, Esquire released a major interview with Punisher star Jon Bernthal. In the interview, Bernthal discusses the show’s history with violence, and the strange...

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