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[WATCH] SNL Bashes Hillary Clinton With Parody Campaign Ad

Hillary Clinton transforms into Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live and it's hilarious. “Luckily, I, Hillary Clinton, share all of your exact same beliefs, and I always have,” says a parody Hillary Clinton, summarizing why many Democratic...
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Jurassic World 2, Aquaman to Film in Hawaii this Summer

According to a recent casting call, three huge movies will be filming in Hawaii this summer. Jurassic World 2, Aquaman and Triple Frontier are all scheduled to film this sumer in Hawaii. So, if you're planning on a...
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Halle Berry’s ‘Boomerang’ is Now Filming in Atlanta

BET and Halle Berry's new TV series Boomerang is now filming in Atlanta, Georgia. Boomerang is an upcoming comedy TV series based on the movie of the same name written by Barry W. Blaustein and David Sheffield....
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Hollywood’s Diversity Push FLOPS Overseas

Fox's Empire flops overseas illustrating Hollywood's diversity push problem. Season 1 of Empire was a huge paradigm shift in the TV, film and entertainment industry. A TV show on basic cable about a black family, hip-hop music, and the...
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On-Location Filming in Los Angeles Continues to Fall

On location filming in Los Angeles continues to fall. According to Deadline, show cancellations and fewer feature films and TV pilots shot in Los Angeles have hurt on-location film production in the city. FilmLA issued...
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Selena Gomez is Creating a “Latina Empire” TV Series

Selena Gomez is developing a new TV show and it's described as the latin version of Empire.  Studies have shown that not only are Hispanics going to the movie more often than any other ethnicity in...

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