Hollywood Filmmaking May Go Virtual After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Virtual filmmaking may become the new normal after the Coronavirus pandemic. Over a hundred TV shows and movies have shut down production due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 related shutdown. Now, as the world begins their...

YouTube is Working on a TikTok Competitor (Report)

YouTube is reportedly developing a TikTok competitor called "Shorts" TikTok is quickly taking over online video, an arena YouTube dominates for the moment. Now, Google’s video streaming platform is looking to compete with TikTok by...
Spenser Confidential Netflix

Coronavirus: Netflix’s ‘Spenser Confidential’ is The Most-Watched Movie (Report)

Netflix's 'Spenser Confidential' is the most-watched production amid rising steaming numbers during the Coronavirus pandemic. Social-distancing and self-isolating are creating a streaming boom. According to a new report by Nielsen, streaming is seeing a significant...

Netflix, YouTube Limit Streaming Quality Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Netflix and YouTube limit streaming quality in Europe. Social Distancing and self-isolation are becoming the new normal due to the coronavirus outbreak. Platforms such as Netflix and YouTube have seen a viral rise in content...
TED Talks jobs

TED is Now Hiring People to Work From Home

TED is now hiring people to work from home as a media screener at TEDx. TEDx is now hiring a media screener to assess the hundreds of Ted talks that are produced every week. For this...
Ted Sarandos Netflix

“Netflix Party” Chrome Extension Allows You To Remotely Watch Netflix with Friends

"Netflix Party" Google Chrome Extension allows friends to start watch-parties from home. Developers just made watching Netflix with your friend even easier with an unofficial “Netflix Party” Google Chrome extension. The Google Chrome extension, which...

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