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Georgia Help Wanted Hotline Entertainment Job Opportunities

There has to be a reason why the entertainment industry is thriving in Georgia. Georgia is attracting production projects in record numbers furthermore, along with the diaspora of talent Georgia has one of the...
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Famous People Who Worked as Movie Extras

One of the best ways to experience the magic of film making is to play an extra or background actor in a major motion picture. But, how many great actors, musicians, and politicians have...
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Tom Cruise a Former Priest? 45 Random Facts about Famous Entertainers

It is amazing how the entertainment industry works. Somehow the stars align and certain individuals become famous, and are world known for their acting talent or their disorderly conduct. But what is interesting to note...
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Do You Need a Modeling Portfolio?

Modeling Portfolio - What is it? A modeling portfolio is a collection of your modeling pictures. How many photos you need in your modeling portfolio varies. But, you should only keep strong pictures, remember, you...

What is a Stand-in? Here’s Everything YOU Need to Know

Stand-in - here is everything you need to know about working on-set as a stand-in. Many TV shows and movies hire stand-ins. If you are hired as a stand-in, your role will be one step...
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10 Basic and Essential Health Tips for Aspiring Talents

10 Basic and Essential Health Within the entertainment industry there are a few things that matter. First and foremost, is your acting talent. How well can you present yourself and your character across the screen....

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