Tyler Perry

Looking for a Job? Tyler Perry Studios is Now Hiring

Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry Studios is now hiring a ton of jobs in Atlanta, Georgia. Have you ever wanted to work with Tyler Perry? Do you want to see what goes on behind the scenes...

Coronavirus: Filming Won’t Start Back Until 2021 (UPDATE)

Hollywood is getting hit hard by the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak with filming not set to resume until 2021. Most studio productions have shut down indefinitely and others are figuring out ways to reopen their facilities. Despite...

‘Joker’ Study Reveals the Impact of the Movie on Mental Health

'Joker' movie increased levels of prejudice towards people with mental illness, researchers say. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which is a peer-reviewed medical journal, asserts the movie was...
Coronavirus (1)

Sweden, Denmark Restart Film Production with New Coronavirus Rules

New Coronavirus rules reveal how Sweden and Denmark plan to restart their film production as soon as possible. Across the United States, producers shut down filming due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is causing hundreds...
Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games

‘Hunger Games’ Prequel Coming Soon at Lionsgate

'Hunger Games' prequel is now in production at Lionsgate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Suzanne Collins' latest book set in the 'Hunger Games' franchise will be turned into a movie by director Francis Lawrence, producer Nina Jacobson,...
Danger Sign

Coronavirus: New Production Rules Bans Extras from Working on Set

Australian production 'Neighbours' is creating a Coronavirus production guidelines roadmap that other Hollywood movies and shows could potentially follow. As we previously reported, Hollywood insiders do not believe filming will return until September. However, one...

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